What Does a World With Kinto Look Like?

The Future Financial System

Kinto unlocks a new world of possibilities for on-chain finance.
On Kinto, tokenized traditional ETFs can be provided as liquidity in an AMM like Uniswap or Curve. Your bank could be linked to your wallet, which is also used for payroll on-chain, and automatically approves and issues a mortgage using funds from an on-chain money market and the tokenized deed to your house as collateral. Corporate treasuries could be held in on-chain assets, and corporate debt issuance could happen through a Dapp. Any modern financial asset can be issued and traded on-chain, and any modern financial service can be provided on-chain.
Our mission is not just to provide the first permissionless, decentralized network capable of supporting every traditional financial institution and every decentralized finance protocol. It is to provide the best infrastructure option for hosting the entire future financial system. We can’t wait to see what you build on it.