Kinto Account Abstraction

This page covers all the peculiarities of Kinto's account abstraction implementation.
Kinto only allows transactions from account abstraction-powered wallets. Externally owned accounts (EOA) are disabled for greater security and to provide a uniform, delightful user experience.


To have a great user experience, Kinto has adopted the Account Abstraction EIP-4337 standard with a few tweaks. As a result, users will receive the following benefits:
  • Have a non-custodial smart wallet that can be used like any web2 application
  • Don't have to worry about seed phrases or browser extensions
  • Don't have to pay for transaction fees and worry about gas settings
  • Safe and easy recovery procedures in case of loss

For Developers

Kinto's account abstraction allows developers to focus on building their financial applications without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.
EIP-4337 Architecture
To facilitate the development process and increase the security of our implementation, we have made a few changes:
  • Entry Point: Checks that the wallet belongs to a whitelisted wallet factory.
  • Sponsor Paymaster: In Kinto, end contracts must pay for user transactions and charge the users fees on deposit/withdraw/interest. We'll open a developer dashboard to help developers top up their contracts and ensure an interrupted service.
  • Wallet Factory: Only users who have completed the KYC process can create valid AA wallets in Kinto.
  • Wallet: User Wallets have a minimum of one cloud non-custodial signer (Turnkey) and a maximum of three signers. Users can set up an authentication policy that fits their situation. In an emergency, a cloud recovery signer (Turnkey) can start an emergency process that needs to be ratified by the user.

Smart Contracts

  • KintoWalletFactory: The factory to create and manage Kinto Wallets. It also facilitates contract deployments.
  • KintoWallet: The Kinto smart-contract wallet. The code contains the code that verifies the execution, recovery, and management of the wallet.
  • EntryPoint: Based on the EntryPoint of the original EIP-4337, the Kinto EntryPoint validates that a valid factory created the wallet.
  • SponsorPaymaster: In Kinto, end contracts pay for the gas of its users. The sponsor paymaster handles the balance/funding of all contracts in the network.
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