Deployment Address

Mainnet: 0xa62Bf9b53044885CddFcbC4cA52f51f8ae39eCFE

Code: Faucet.sol


  • Allows every Kinto wallet to receive a one-time payment of ETH to pay for gas fees.

State functions

claimKintoETH() external override

claimKintoETH(IFaucet.SignatureData calldata _signatureData) external onlyOwner

withdrawAll() external override onlyOwner

startFaucet() payable external override onlyOwner
  1. claimKintoETH

Allows users to claim a predefined amount of ETH from the faucet.

function claimKintoETH() external override;

No parameters.

  1. claimKintoETH (via signature)

Allows the owner to claim ETH on behalf of a user using a signature.

function claimOnBehalf(IFaucet.SignatureData calldata _signatureData) external onlyOwner;



Signature data for claiming.

  1. withdrawAll

Withdraws all ETH from the faucet and deactivates it.

function withdrawAll() external override onlyOwner;

No parameters.

  1. startFaucet

Starts the faucet with an initial ETH deposit.

function startFaucet() payable external override onlyOwner;

No parameters.

Custom Events

  1. Claim

Emitted when ETH is claimed from the faucet.

event Claim(address indexed _to, uint256 _timestamp);



The address receiving the ETH.



The timestamp of the claim.

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