Engen FAQ

Below are some common questions about the Engen Launch Program.
Do users have to participate in all the Engen phases?
It is possible to join in Engen without participating in all the phases - phase 3 is optional.
Will there be gas costs for users participating in Engen?
There are zero gas costs to users for participating in Engen.
How long are the phases active?
Once a phase is launched, it remains live until the end of the Engen launch period.
What are Passkeys? How do I use them?
A passkey is a new way to sign in that works entirely without passwords. By using the security capabilities of your devices like Touch ID and Face ID, passkeys are way more secure and easier to use than both passwords and all current 2-factor authentication (2FA) methods.
You can read more information here https://www.passkeys.io/
Are referral credits applied immediately when someone uses a referral link?
Referral credits will be added once a person who has used your referral link successfully completes the KYC process.
How long are referral links valid for?
Users can share their referral links and obtain credits for the entire duration of the Engen launch program.
How are referral credits calculated?
When a user refers someone, they get 10% of ALL credits accumulated by the people who used their referral link throughout the Engen process. This means that users can get up to 250 Engen credits per person referred PLUS the 2500 maximum limit you can obtain as an individual user without referrals.
Is it possible to see the 'You have completed Engen Phase One' page but still be pending verification?
Yes, we enabled this to give our users the ability to access their referral code and view potential referral credits while waiting for their documentation to be approved.
Why does Kinto request an email address?
An email address is requested only for account recovery of your initial signer. If you lose access to your passkeys, you can request a new one using your email address.
Why is there a white screen after signing up with email and passkey?
This should not happen - if you experience this, please contact support on Discord providing your device type, brand, model, browser and version.
When do users make a choice regarding KYC provider?
The choice of KYC provider happens immediately after providing your email address and generating a passkey. Users are presented with the available providers to select from. IMPORTANT: Once this selection is made, users are unable to go back and choose another provider, we recommend ensuring you are happy with your choice before making a selection and progressing in the process.
When will the phases be launched?
  • Phase 1: The Arrival - 27th November 2023
  • Phase 2: The Set Up - 15th January 2024
  • Phase 3: The Rescue - 7th February 2024
  • Phase 4: The Commitment - 1st March 2024
How many credits can a user obtain during Engen?
Max Credits per user = 2,500 + Referral Credits
For every friend that you refer, you earn 10% of the credits they obtained.
How are Engen credits rewarded to a user calculated?
Using the following formula: (Phase 1 + Phase 2 + Phase 3) * Phase 4
More details on credits available during phases can be found here.
Which countries can participate in Engen?
You can find enabled countries here.
What can Engen credits be used for?
  • Participate in Kinto governance launch ceremony
  • Getting priority access to products launched on Kinto
  • Reduced fees and unique discounts on products launched on Kinto
  • Cover gas costs for all transactions in the Kinto network
Will Engen credits give users tokens?
Engen credits won't be tradeable for fiat or tokens. Engen credits won't be available on exchanges.