Phase One Walkthrough

This page contains a walkthrough of the KYC process.
When you arrive on the 'Welcome to Engen' page, click 'Get Started'.
Enter your email address to create your account and click 'Authenticate with Passkeys'.
Create a passkey following the instructions on screen. You can decide how you would like the passkey generated - for example via, USB device, phone, tablets, your chrome profile or other 3rd party services.
Once you have selected how you want the passkey generated, continue the process by clicking 'Continue'.
Next you will see a page telling you to Verify your Identity. Click 'Verify your Identity' to continue.
A pop-up will appear prompting you to select your preferred KYC provider - currently for Engen Phase One, Synaps and Plaid are available. Select your provider and click 'Verify Identity'. This example uses Synaps.
Another pop-up will appear to start the verification process. Click ' Start Verification'.
Next, read the privacy policy and click 'I accept the terms and conditions' to continue.
The next step is to scan your face, read the instructions and click 'Scan my face'.
You will see your face appear in an oval, position yourself correctly and click 'I'm ready'.
The provider will give you feedback on your framing, continue to follow the instructions to ensure that the correct image is captured for KYC verification purposes.
Once an image has been adequately captured, the next step is to provide an official ID document - a passport is ideal for this. Capture the image and click 'Continue'.
You will be able to see on the status screen that your Face Scan has been approved and your ID Document is pending verification. You still need to provide your Proof of Address, click 'Continue verification'.
Please provide your address in the relevant fields and click 'Continue'.
Next you will need to provide proof of address via a document. Please select the documentation you will be providing.
When the document has been successfully uploaded you will see the following screen. Click 'Continue'.
When your KYC process is complete and approved you will see the screen below - this can happen instantly, within a few minutes or can sometimes take up to 3 days. You can check back for the latest status. Once your identity has been approved, click 'Finish'.
Once you have completed your KYC process, congratulations - you have completed Engen Phase One! You will see a confirmation screen that you have completed Engen Phase One, a link to a referral code to refer your friends as well as the total Engen credits earned for Phase One.