Welcome to Kinto

This page provides an introduction to the network.
Welcome to Kinto! Kinto is an L2 focused on providing safe access to on-chain finance. It's built on top of the Ethereum network using the Arbitrum Nitro Stack, and it's non-custodial, transparent, permissionless, and governed by the community.
Kinto has been designed from the ground up to provide a safe environment for users and financial institutions. Kinto has two unique features at the chain level to enhance the security of the chain:
  • By default, Kinto provides KYC, AML & fraud monitoring at the blockchain level. All participants in the network are KYC'ed, and the network runs AML on all of the participants. Transactions can then only be performed by verified participants achieving Sybil Resistance. PII is only saved in identity providers chosen by governance. Users' information cannot be linked to their on-chain accounts except when they choose to do so with an application that requests it.
  • Kinto gives every single user a smart contract wallet powered by Account Abstraction. The Kinto wallet aims to be invisible. The user does not need to worry about complicated browser extensions, seed phrases or gas while still receiving the benefits of non-custodial ownership. Kinto wallet offers similar security assurances to a Gnosis safe, the standard in on-chain security.
Kinto has a two-layer governance system fully on-chain. The protocol parameters, sequencer, and treasury will be voted on-chain by 9 Nios (Guardians). Token-holders elect these 9 guardians on a rolling 6-month basis.
You can read our initial announcement here.
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