🌟Sign Up Walkthrough

This page contains a walkthrough of Kinto's sign up process.

When you arrive on the 'Welcome to Kinto' page, click 'Get Started'.

Enter your email address to create your account and click 'Authenticate with Passkeys'.

Create a passkey following the instructions on screen. You can decide how you would like the passkey generated - for example via, USB device, phone, tablets, your chrome profile or other 3rd party services.

Once you have selected how you want the passkey generated, continue the process by clicking 'Continue'.

You will then be prompted to verify your email. Check your email inbox and enter the verification code into the UI.

Next you will see a page telling you to Verify your Identity. Select from 'I am and Individual' if you are a person or 'I am a corporation' if you are submitting on behalf of a business.

You will then be prompted to select a provider. You can learn more about the following steps required for each provider in the walkthrough pages for Onfido, Synaps and Plaid.

Once you have successfully completed KYC and it has been approved, it's time to create mint your KintoID. Your KintoID is like your passport to the Kinto network - it lets Kinto and the other products on the network know certain information about you without revealing any personal identifiable information e.g. this user has a valid KYC/AML check. Minting your ID is as simple as clicking a button and signing with your passkey.

After your KintoID has been created, you will see a transaction confirmed pop up. Select 'close' to continue onto the next part of the process.

After creating your KintoID, you need to create your wallet. The first step is to claim $1 in Kinto ETH. This is a simple click of a button which will prompt you to sign with your passkey. Once complete, you will see the same 'Transaction confirmed!' pop up above.

Next, set up your Mamori Wallet. Your Mamori Wallet is the wallet you will use on the Kinto network. It is non-custodial, gasless and password free. There are no seed phrases to keep safe on Kinto. Click 'Create wallet' to continue on the process and sign with your passkey. Once successfully created, the 'Transaction confirmed!' pop up will show again.

The final stage of the set up process is to set up the keys to your wallet - authentication. The Mamori Wallet is multi-sig by default, giving you the best security available. To complete any transactions, multiple signers will be required - how many signers depends on the policy you select. The first of your signers is your passkey that you use to log into Kinto (your email along with the password/biometric element etc). Select how many additional signers you would like to add and select 'choose policy' to move to the next page.

Next you will see the page where you can add the keys. The first 'Turnkey' signer visible is your passkey.

Select '+Add' to create an additional key. Additional keys can be other wallets from alternative networks (such as Coinbase, Metamask etc.), hardware devices (Leger or Trezor) or even your Twitter account. You will see the options available when you click '+Add'.

Once you have set up your keys, congratulations - you are ready to use Kinto!

You will be able to claim your on-chain fortune and then be taken to the dashboard.

On the Dashboard you will be able to see the different products available on the Kinto network.

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